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About MnUSA Officers
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About MnUSA Officers
MnUSA Officers Elected at Annual Meeting

At its annual meeting during the 2016 MnUSA Fall Workshop, the General Membership of Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MnUSA) elected officers for the upcoming year.  Terms run from November 1 - October 31.
Mark Kavanaugh, City of East Gull Lake (Brainerd Lakes)
Club: Pequot Brush Pilots
Experience: Co-owner of Kavanaugh’s Sylvan Lake Resort in the Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota. Kavanaugh’s Resort has been in existence for 46 years and was the first resort in the Brainerd Area to open in the winter to cater to snowmobilers. My own snowmobiling experience began in 1965. I was 10 when a neighbor bought a snowmobile in my then hometown of Benson, MN, and I have been riding ever since. I was a member of the Brainerd Snodeos for many years but was not that active in the club (my mother-in-law and father-in-law were founding members) until about 11 years ago when changes in our business allowed for me to become more involved. I served as a director, secretary and treasurer of the Brainerd Snodeos. I am currently a member of the Pequot Brush Pilots as well as President (5 years) of the Crow Wing County Snowmobile Trails Association which is an organization made up of the 10 clubs in Crow Wing and 2 clubs in Southern Cass Counties. With nearly 1000 miles of trail and 800 total members, this organization meets monthly with our club representatives and DNR to keep our clubs up to date on all the clubs activities. I also serve as the map coordinator and raffle coordinator for this group. I have been a member of MnUSA since 1993 and I have served as Treasurer (2010-2012) and Vice President (2013-2015). I have been married to my wife, Sue, for 36 years and we have two children, Luke (29) and Kassandra (22). 
Goals as President:
1.         Public Relations – Not only with the clubs that MnUSA serves but also with all trail user groups. I believe that with the limited amount of funds available that all user groups need to work together to provide us all with the sports that we are interested in.
2.         Communications – I believe that we need to get our message out to all snowmobilers in a more effective manner. We know the problem is that we are not reaching the younger riders and we have to continue to reshape MnUSA to attract that group. 
3.         “Bring Back Fun” - I have not been around the outings and gatherings of MnUSA that long in an active role but the older members tell me great stories of the terrific outings and meetings of the past. I want us to become that group again where riding and having fun is the number one priority of every meeting MnUSA has. We have to do things that make belonging to MnUSA a “must do” for every snowmobiler in the State.
Why do you want to serve in this position? 
I feel that my extensive background in tourism offers me a different insight in the organization. I also feel that my experience at the club, county and State level has given me the knowledge to lead MnUSA.
Vice President
Rod Seibel, Bemidji
Club: North Country Snowmobile Club
Experience:  Currently MNUSA Secretary, Past MNUSA Region 1 Director, 20+ Years as Director or President of Snowmobile North Dakota
Goals as Vice President:
1.         Increase membership
2.         Work to unite all Minnesota Snowmobilers in a common cause to keep our trail system and make it better.
3.         Due to increasing costs, we need to work to keep or increase funding to our clubs for the trail work they do.
Why do you want to serve in this position?
I have been involved in snowmobiling for most of my life. I feel after dealing with trail programs, safety programs and the politics involved with snowmobiling that I have acquired too much information to just put it on the shelf. I want to share and used the knowledge to make snowmobiling better for future generations.
Marc Dahlquist, Dayton
Club(s): Northwest Trails Association, Hamel Sno-Runners, Maple Plain Snomads
Experience: Past President of Hamel Sno-Runners and Northwest Trails Association. Served on the MnUSA Board of Directors for 3 years prior to current term as Treasurer.
Goals as Secretary:
1.        Ensure effective communication within MnUSA and local clubs.
2.        Increase membership via Stewardship and “Showing Up”!
3.        Realize an increase in membership and strength in our organization.
Why do you want to serve in this position?
To assist MnUSA with functions needed for seamless operation. Finding innovative ways to increase membership and visibility with ALL snowmobilers in Minnesota is probably our highest priority (or at least it should be). Gathering with fellow riders and legislators at events and meetings is critical to fostering a sense of belonging, fellowship and trust within the organization…we need to be determined in our efforts to make a difference in our State and for the betterment of snowmobiling!
Richard C. (Rick) Johnson, Minnetonka
Club: Pequaywan Area Trailblazers. Although I live in the metro area, all of my snowmobile activity is based near our family cabin north of Duluth.
Experience: Chair, MnUSA Bylaws Committee. Director, MnUSA Region 7 (7 years). Treasurer/Business Manager, Pequaywan Area Trailblazers (9 years) and Pequaywan Lakes Volunteer Fire Department (10 years). Volunteer tax counselor, TaxAide, a nationwide free tax preparation program sponsored by AARP Foundation, (18 years), Registered Professional Engineer (Retired), State of Minnesota. 
Goals as Treasurer:
1.         Ensure complete and accurate financial information reporting to Members, Board of Directors, and Accounting Professionals.
2.         Assist the Members, Executive Board, and Staff to protect our trails and the dedicated Snowmobile Fund.
3.         Assist in any way to grow the membership of MnUSA
Why do you want to serve in this position?
As an active snowmobiler for over 35 years, I welcome the opportunity to “give back”, in some small way, to the best organization that has ever served snowmobiling in Minnesota.

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